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Sunday Morning

The incomparable Bruce Wilson is the mastermind behind the audacious musical project Sunday Morning. The Vancouver based band is refreshingly experimental, complex and authentic. Their sound seamlessly weaves the best elements of darkwave, dream pop and rock and roll ballads. The name derives from the crippling duality of the simultaneous misery and ecstasy of Sunday morning. They are inspired by the exquisite stylings of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Iggy Pop yet their sound is completely fresh. There is nothing fake or borrowed about Sunday Morning, they are the real deal. 

The band has always worked with an impressive and diverse arrangement of artists. The band is built of Bruce Wilson and long-time collaborator and keyboardist Stephan Hamm (The Evaporators, Slow).  The new lineup consists of a wall of local talent with guitarist and producer Felix Fung (Little Red Sound) bassist Max Staple (The Ballyntines) drummer Jay Shreib, (Rain City) singer Carmen Bruno (Trailerhawk). The renowned trumpeter J.P Carter (Destroyer) joined them on the new EP to provide haunting and ethereal additions. The abundance of talent and experience behind each collaborator is deeply apparent in their work.  

Sunday Morning released their debut self titled album in 2016. It garnered some important accolades such as being called ‘The most important album to come out of Vancouver in 2016’ by The Georgia Straight. The stunning introductory album showcases the band’s poetic and avant-garde approach to music which certainly stands out in a sea of dad rock and west coast folk. 

Their upcoming EP titled Consequence Of Love (Side 2) is a wonderful display of their perpetual evolution. The EP is a dizzying collage of haunting vocals, heartfelt lyrics and ambitious instrumentation. It’s a mosaic of the human condition, in all of its broken glory. The single- ‘Breath’ will be released shortly with an accompanying video. The song takes listeners on a scenic walk through the back alleys of Wilson’s wildly creative mind. 


Still Photography: R.d. Cane

Videos: R.d. Cane ("Come the Rain", "Sick in the City", "1986")

Cover Art: Joseph Staples (Come the Rain, 1986)













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Sunday Morning

by Sunday Morning

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